How will this course work?

The course is split in 4 modules: community, learning on the web, content and feedback and assessment.

Image of lego people Leftmost image, CC-BY-SA Peter Dutton

Each module has outcomes directly related to building your course. Every module also have projects, reading and other resources to help you.

Work at your own pace, but not alone!

This is a self paced course. We tried to match the level of effort required for each module to be about 1 week, but you can always go through it quicker or slower.

Doing the course at your own pace does not mean that you have to do the course on your own. From past experience we know that people who create courses together are much more likely to succeed and enjoy doing it. Doing it alone can easily feel like pulling teeth.

The course forum ( is where the community for this course gathers. Here you can ask any question, share your work or other interesting readings and meet people who are also building online courses to collaborate with.

Where do I go from here?

  1. Introduce yourself on the forums.
  2. Start building your course. This step is not optional :)

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