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Create a Learning Community that Lasts

Online courses often feel large, intimidating and anonymous. It’s hard to feel invested in multiple choice quizzes, textbook chapters and hum-drum Q & A forums where you don’t know anyone.

In a stellar learning experience, you’d know who was in the room and feel super-comfy. You’d make projects together and find help when you get stuck. You’d want to send people thank-you cards and chicken soup.

We know designing a creative, participatory community can be tricky. We’re here to help you craft assignments that rule, build an audience and support you along the way. You’ll even learn a few technical skills in the process. Don’t worry, 1s and 0s wash off pretty easily.

OK, but who are you guys?

We’re Peer 2 Peer University–we build learning communities on the web. In the last 5 years, we put together courses like Play With Your Music, Learning Creative Learning, the Deeper Learning MOOC, and A Gentle Intro to Python. Also, we’re a non-profit and a distributed team (so we use the tools we recommend).

I’m in–how do I get started?

Head over here to create your own course!

Who else is here?